What type of bride are you? Quiz

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No two brides are the same. Like unique snowflakes, every type of bride has different likes, dislikes, preferences and wishes for her big day. 

There are the brides who have been envisioning their wedding day since they were a little girl playing dress-ups, while others are happy to keep the affair low-key and don’t even mind accomodating (a few) of their groom’s wishes!

Others still want a formal, sit-down reception with all the trimmings, while some just want to kick up their heels and celebrate their nuptials with a big party! And some brides are even opting for eco-friendly and zero waste weddings.

Whichever type of bride you are, knowing what makes you tick when it comes to planning one of the most important days of your life is the key to ensuring the whole process goes off without a hitch. 

What type of bride are you?
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With this in mind, we bring you the “What type of bride are you?” quiz to help you determine your bridal “personality”. 

Share your results with your significant other, bridal party, family and friends to help give them an insight into what you are hoping for on your wedding day and what type of bride you really are.

Here’s a recap of the main types of brides… before taking the quiz try and guess which one you might be…

The Romantic Bride

You’re the quintessential romantic bride. Pale pink roses, a string quartet… perhaps even a horsedrawn carriage! Your bridesmaid dresses will be soft pastels, your wedding accessories tasteful and elegant, and your ceremony will be traditional and heartfelt.   

What type of bride are you?
Image: Ed Jones Photography

The Artsy Bride

Creative and talented, the personal touches you will bring to your big day will have guests talking about your wedding for years to come. You’ll be showcasing your artistic flair with a rustic-themed ceremony and reception, with a personalised seating chart made from recycled pallets, cute potted plants as table centrepieces and colourful recycled bunting. 

The Fabulous Bride

Channelling the latest styles and trends your wedding will be the event of the century amongst your social circle. Metallic touches, avant-garde decor and a reception setlist that will have your guests carving up the dance floor until the wee hours of the night, ensure you stock up on plenty of barocca for the recovery the next day!

Image: Linda Pasfield

The Perfectionist Bride

You know that bride we were referring to earlier who’s had their big day planned out for years? That’s you perfectionist bride! No detail is too small to agonise over and your Type A personality means your wedding will be planned to military precision. Just remember to take a breath on the day of the main event and don’t worry too much if there are a few hiccups along the way.

Find out what type of bride you are…click here to take the quiz.

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