Zara & Travis

Wedding date: 11 January, 2014

Photography: Jennifer Skabo Photography


There was an instant attraction between Travis and Zara when they first saw each other at a Hobart bar in 2009. While Travis was with his brother and mates, and Zara with a girlfriend, the two couldn’t help but notice one another and exchanged phone numbers before the evening had ended.

However, with a study move to Brisbane planned, Zara proved a little hesitant in taking things further. Luckily, that did not deter Travis, and after several weeks of persistence and a few wonderful dates, the pair soon realised there was something special between them.

“By the time Zara left for Brisbane, we both knew the relationship would only grow further,” Travis says.

Having grown up in Brisbane and with family still living there, Travis was not put off by the distance and increased his frequency of Queensland visits to see both Zara and his family.

After two years of maintaining a long distance relationship, they were thrilled when Zara finally moved back to Hobart after graduation.


Seven months after Zara’s graduation, the couple bought their first home together. It was here Travis chose to ask Zara to be his wife.

After a long week of work (and Travis acting quite oddly during the day!), Zara opened the front door to be greeted by a hallway lined with candles, soft music playing, a bottle of Champagne and Travis on bended knee. After taking awhile to get the ring out of his pocket, (due to his shaking hands) Travis asked Zara to marry him. She of course said “yes!”



Captivated by Tasmania’s summer, Travis and Zara chose a January wedding in Hobart. With a religious ceremony an important part of their wedding plans, the couple were married at St David’s Cathedral, where Travis’ great grandparents were married in 1933.

This was followed by a small and stunning reception for 63 guests, on Hobart’s waterfront at the Mawson Place Waterside Pavilion.

“We chose the venue because of its stunning location and beautiful outlook – especially at that time of the year,” Zara says. “We wanted an intimate affair with our closest family and friends attending.”


Seeing Zara appear at the end of the aisle and walk towards him was the highlight of the couple’s wedding day for Travis. Zara also loved seeing Travis waiting for her at the church, as well as getting ready with her two sisters and her best friend and seeing her Dad for the first time.

The couple also loved dancing together and being surrounded by family and friends at their reception.

While there were no major hiccups in the lead up to their big day, Zara and Travis’ plans were delayed somewhat when material ordered from the US to make ties for the groomsmen arrived late. This left them to try and find a seamstress over the Christmas and New Year period, which was no easy feat.

After ending up with a cold on her wedding day, Zara also regretted not taking it a little easier in the lead up and delegating a few more tasks.


While Travis and Zara enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon on Hamilton Island, the pair will never forget their day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef.

What began as an enjoyable day out soon changed when 85 out of the 100 passengers aboard their boat ended up suffering from motion sickness!

“We were just trying to escape the vomit,” Zara says. “Luckily, the reef was definitely worth it.”


  • Slow down and breathe. Enjoy the planning and all the things that come with your big day.
  • Don’t stress on the little things as they’ll come together on the day and your guests won’t know if something isn’t how you planned it.
  • Make overseas and interstate orders well ahead of time and take into consideration any potential business shut downs for public holidays.
  • Get some rest in the lead up to your big day and don’t be afraid to delegate jobs, if you need some down time. ❤




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